Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

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Re: Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

walkaround wrote:

MrTaikitso wrote:

I have owned a 5R and know what superb IQ you can get from an NEX, however, to be 100% impartial and analytical...

2. The NEX suffers a problem that I as a UX (user experience) guy spotted right away, and that is that it is not an accessible camera, even the 6/7, despite more knobs, are not. Rather than two labelled tactile foolproof dials, such as on a typical Canon, Nikon or Sony full size DSLR, the NEX rely on a fiddly rear dial (that doubles as a flash etc selector) not to mention a nightmare of a menu interface. And further, the smallish buttons and controls are not suited to larger hands.

I agree 100%. The mere fact that you can't make the topmost "Soft Key" act as the AEL is an astounding oversight to me. I wonder if anyone on the UI design team has ever even used a camera. And the "Fn" button... don't get me started.

The 5R body shape, size, build quality and feel are all excellent. The UI design sucks.

Pause for a while, whilst I find some handy mud to sling as well

I was interested for a while when the first NEX came out but after looking at examples in shops and reading a few reviews I quickly understood that this was a half hearted effort by Sony.  They were frightened to make the camera too complicated and it had to be simple to appeal to those compact camera users who might actually want more than one fixed lens.

Sony more than anyone must have been hugely surprised when some users actually took their NEX camera as a serious camera.  So users actually wanted to do more than pretentiously exchange their two lenses and just point and shoot as normal.  Demands for a proper photographer's interface have been patched on with a rough scalpel, incision here and an extra button sewn in there.  But is is still woeful compared to what I know - the Ricoh GXR.  The NEX6 that I own is a good camera but the firmware support details remain very basic.  Not even one custom mode.

Enlarged screen that switches itself off as soon as the shutter button is soft pressed.  Then restart the double press of  the lower thumb disjointing button to enlarge the view for fine focusing puposes.  Not a real problem if you are using the camera within it's original designed brief.  But as an outsider coming in from something else the NEX6 is a nice but very basic camera.  Just adding a FF senosr would convert a rather nice, quite capable, but firmware deficient aps-c camera that I respect into an equally deficient nice, capable, FF sensor camera most useful in Auto-everything mode.

Maybe a FF sensor E mount camera neeeded a clean sheet aproach to firmware.  Calling it "A" might be an indication that the sweet and easy "nEx" might be becoming a more professional friendly "nAx"?

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