Would you buy X-Trans or Bayer

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Re: Would you buy X-Trans or Bayer

Well I guess the difference is that perhaps for me my Fuji camera was supposed to be my fun non work camera. My Nikon or sometimes my Leica are the work cameras and the Fuji was more for travel and the like. So I honestly don't want to spring for capture one for just the Fuji when I don't really need it for the others. I don't want to have to reroute my workflow for one camera...the camera I'm supposed to be having fun with. It then becomes un fun and a hassle when a more traditional Bayer would be fine. I find the adobe processing my Nikon files to be fine...

I kind of think most of the fuji magic is happening with the lenses and the jpeg engine and not with that sensor itself.

To someone who said the x trans can compete favorably with the FF Bayer options from Nikon I disagree 100% my newish FF nikon smokes my Fuji. I'm sorry it does...granted it may have a lot to do with the $1500+ lenses I'm using on it vs the fuji lenses, but the difference is there. Is it better than my old Nikon Bayer crop sensor? definitely.

I'm not knocking it for folks who it works for and for jpeg shooters it's great, but I would love a non x trans body with an evf. As it stands now I am very inclined to ditch the fuji for the sony mirror less FF when that hits so long as I can mount my leica lenses on it.

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