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Re: 70d look and feel..

rrccad wrote:

well i have an EOS-M as well and the touchscreen interface is intuitive and downright ridiculously so much easier than a viewfinder / PDAF for flipping focus anywhere around in 80% of the entire field of view.

for macro work and landscape i much prefer the touchscreen and associated AF than i do viewfinder AF. no focus / recompose for hyperfocal .. nothing. just touch and the picture takes. end of story. like i said if you haven't tried it .. you just don't know how insanely good it is.

wifi - again for macro / tripod work / long exposure work - being have to remotely control / tether your camera without cords - a complete win.

like i said - every aspect of the photographic experience outside of a single SD card was upgraded from the 60D. anymore upgrades, and it would have been a 7D body.

that makes using it as a P&S.. if I want a P&S I use my old lil' 850is.. not for me when using a DSLR..as I said.. I don't use Live-view either...don't know how you can view the screen that well in sunlight.. I can't... maybe on a Super-Amoled smartphone  Galaxy type screen is the only way I'll use a touchscreen-camera in daylight

glad you like it 

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my Canon 60d sure beats using that ol' Petri 7s

It really isn't that hard to view a LCD in sunlight. People act as if its sooo hard. Never had an issue. Try shooting moving things not at your eye level. Ovf is not the only way to take pics!

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