Sensor Technology (The Software Engineer Way)

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Re: Sensor Technology (The Software Engineer Way)

bobn2 wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

We can't collect more light/photons than there is

You're still not collecting more photons than there are. Image intensifiers aren't a get out of jail free card, because the multiplication process is random, just like the arrival of the photons so you end up with just the same SNR as there was before multiplication. What it can do for you is magnify each photon hit enough to make photons individually countable, but only if they are arriving very slowly. This effect is used in some astronomical imaging.

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Isn't this randomness of the multiplication some extra noise which should be added (in quadrature ??) to the photon noise ??. If so the SNR gets worse ..

On the other side this photoelectron's multiplication eliminates the influence of read noise and DR gets higher ..

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