X20 Returns to the Homeland

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Re: X20 Returns to the Homeland

dasjx49 wrote:

Just briefly, as I spent a week in Japan.

What was the occasion? You seem to hav traveled widely within the country for such a brief trip.

Here are a few images from that trip.

Some nice variety there; you really got around.

I know Zuisenji well, as we usually stay (with family) in Kamakura when we return to Japan.  It is a fair walk from Kamakura-eki, however.  Were you following a guidebook or recommendations from friends?  It does not strike me as a location you would stumble across on a tight schedule.

Downtown Wakayama (nearest real city to Kansai International Airport if you do not want to get into the grit and traffic of Osaka), February of this year:

Wakayama (claim to fame:  the place where soy sauce was invented) has a surprising amount of public art for such a small city; it also is home the best izakaya that we have ever had the pleasure of visiting, anywhere.

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