Camera For Landscape Photography....NEED PROFESSIONAL ADVICE

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Camera For Landscape Photography....NEED PROFESSIONAL ADVICE

Hello Folks,

So, I have been photographing landscapes for about 5 years and it is truly a passion of mine.  That being said, I always strive to get the best image and image quality out of my work.  I started shooting on Nikon with a Nikon D300 and enjoyed that for years until I wanted more ISO performance and a full frame sensor.

I moved to a Canon 5D mark II about a 6months ago and loved the image quality, but I was not a fan of it's minimal 9 focus points and inability to focus well in low light or moving subjects like wildlife.  So, I sold the 5D Mark II and about a week ago moved to the 1D Mark IV.  I got it for a steal and thought it was going to fix ALL of my problems with it's crazy good low light, 45 AF points, and awesome build quality.  It's also a slightly smaller sensor than the 5D Mark II with it's 1.3 crop.

Now that I have used this 1D Mark IV for a week, I am actually not impressed at ALL for the $3,500 I paid for it.  Noise starts crowding the image right at 3200 ISO which is not what all of the reviews made it sound like with it's 12,800 regular ISO boost.  That was the first disappointment.  The second, I can't get my images as sharp or detailed as I want them or as I have seen with the 5D Mark II.  For this being a pro level body, I am disappointed.  I have ONE more week within my return policy to get a full refund, so I am hoping you guys can help me make a decision.

I have 2 friends that I shoot with occasionally and one shoots with and SWARES by the Canon 1DS Mark III for his landscape, and the other one shoots with and SWARES by the Nikon D800 with ir's 36 Megapixels.

I might sound like a total NOOB here, but I am in a big bind as this is the first time I have been this indecisive and confused about which way to go with cameras or brands. I wouldn't mind selling all my lenses and switch back to Nikon if that is what comes from this thread, but I need LOTS of help and advice as to what camera body I need to settle with.

I shoot landscape, wildlife, and OCCASIONALLY some semi low light events with people.

Thanks SO much in advance for your time!


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