Warning: A3000 emits a fake shutter sound that can't be disabled

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Re: Facts about the NEX 3n shutter sound

tomtom50 wrote:

Being able to assign functions to buttons raises the controls on my NEX 3n from unacceptable to merely annoying. I think that was a key part of the 3early firmaware update on the first NEX models.

Yeah, that first big UI update was huge and needed.  The Nex-5 felt much more usable after that.  They are still trying to keep the basic UI and just tweaking it.  The Nex-6 is better in some ways, but not by much.

My RX100 is much better, with more functionality, more flexibility in button assignments, and the MR modes.

The Canon EOS-m is better still, and a lot of its betterness is because the basic Canon DSLR interface was skillfully melded with a touch screen. I used an EPM-2 for a bit and its touchscreen also helps a lot. And, unlike the Sony's, you can use autoiso in M mode, which I do a lot.

Auto-ISO in Manual mode is a particular feature missing from almost (perhaps every) Sony camera.  But I think some more minor tweaks could be made to the Nex interface; I'm not sure that it needs to be thrown out and a new one made.  But it could have more button assignments and it could make better use of the DIALS!  I mean, why add a dial and then it doesn't do anything except what the other dial does?  Why bother?  This doesn't seem as thought-through as the Nex-5 interface, which at least maximizes what you've got.  But the Nex-6's fn menu and maybe the quick-navi are ways to get an alternate quick access to some common functionality, and it does have a pretty good list of custom functions.  (Oddly, Sunny Weather doesn't seem to be an option on the custom buttons or menus?)

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