Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

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Re: Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

parallaxproblem wrote:

Dan W wrote:

Well, you've certainly given this a lot of thought, much more than I have. I have to take issue with a few of your points, however.

Many thanks for your considered response

I, too appreciate the polite discussion. It's easy to be combative; it takes a bit more effort to be considerate of others' feelings.

Do you know that the top control wheel changes the aperture in A mode (unless you're using a legacy lens)? That's quite useful, in my opinion. I find the wheel very easy to use with my thumb.

Sure, and the Shutter Speed in 'S' mode and the 'hyperprogram' in 'P'. When I said 'useless' I meant that it only does what the rear wheel used to do on the previous models - for me they might as well have left that functionality on the rear wheel as now it does nothing in those modes, but for other functions (like EV compensation) both wheels do the same thing - confusing!

I'm fine with the fact that the top and rear wheels can do EV comp. Isn't it nice to have choices! The top wheel works great, for me, for aperture control. I find that much easier to use than the rear wheel that I had to use on my C3 for changing the aperture.

I use the rear wheel for EV comp. because a downward push of the wheel is required to get things started. Since my thumb is already there, I adjust the comp. with that wheel.

The 5R designers were bloody geniuses, I tell you!


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