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Re: forecast

Moti wrote:

Sorry Sean if my post offended you. this wasn't the purpose so if it did, I apologise.

I admit that I may have been too harsh on you, but yoare ame into a forum with your opinion, I gave you my opinion which according to your reaction I'm not vry sure you got my point. I'm not even sure that you have read my post because if you did, you could see that I wast not criticising at all the type of photography you enjoy, as you think and there was nothing personan here. I was criticising the statements you came up with because most of them were simply not correct and doing it in a foreign forum it is a bit of trolling.

I understand. But the statements I came up with weren't just me parroting what I've heard. And, I did read your post. Let me demonstrate (and use 2 of my photos from this past week):

Moti wrote:

That depends why people like shallow DOF. When the RX1 came out, most of the shallow DOF photos I've seen had the sole purpose - hey, look what my camera can do. It hasn't changed much since.

I am sure there are people who show off doing this just for the sake of doing it. I bought an RX1 and used it for 2 months before being less than pleased with AF speeds. I certainly had my share of shallow DOF while testing the RX1. But I do try and use it create images that I find pleasing. I suppose someone could look at my more extreme examples and decide that I am just pushing shallow DOF for the sake of it, but I'd argue that the effect gives me the image I desire. Something like this:

The background of this shot was a parking lot and some junk that provided no context that I wanted to capture. So, a 34 at f/1.4 helped me just get what I wanted. I honestly do recognize that some people can look at this shot and feel like it's crap, but I also know that it became one of my more popular photos on facebook where I have maybe 2 "friends" in the photography crowd, so it's not just a pro shallow depth of field crowd giving me kudos.

and subject separation...

You guys repeat that mantra like parrots as if it was the holy grail of photography. FYI, there are plenty of other ways to separate a subjec, most of them would even look nicer and more aesthetic then background bloor.

Moreover, many photographers, especially those who shoot environmental portraits, prefer to integrate the subject in the background and not separate it, otherwise what's the use of shooting environmantally?

There is a time and place for including the environment. Last night, I was at a function that included some of my neighbors. The venue was very plain with tables of people in the background. I was across a small table from my next door neighbor and I had a wall behind me, so 35 was required to capture the portrait I wanted. But I had no reason to need the context, which was just busy and full of meh and blah. I am not suggesting the portrait turned out well, but it turned out the way I wanted and I wanted subject separation to avoid the context. I also had more of a chance to get this shot on my full frame camera than on my cropped sensor, but I am sure that my NEX 5N and Zeiss 24 would have done a pretty swell job, too with just a bit more definition in the background (and more noise because of the required higher ISO).

When I want more context, I stop down. But I can only go so far towards more subject separation based on the limitations of the tools I select. I agree that smaller sensors are improving by leaps and bounds. It's an exciting time in photography when the trend in DxOMark scores is improving to the point where a D800 competes with medium format sensors and where the Olympus OM-D E-M5 is showing its own low light impressiveness (and forgive me if I am not using the best micro 4/3 camera to illustrate my point; this is what I thought was best at DxOMark at least not too long ago).

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