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Re: Another dust spot on Ricoh GR

Here's the latest on my GR. As I noted earlier in this thread, I had shipped it to CRIS (August 21st) based on dust or debris on the camera's sensor. In the pre-repair photo, you can see two artifacts near the bottom right corner of the image. They look like short pieces of string...

The GR was returned to me on September 19th. The original debris was gone, and in its place was a much larger dark blob, on the right side of the image. You can't miss it. Whatever this junk is, it's large enough that I can actually see it as a small black spot on the LCD as I'm composing a photo...

I emailed the Ricoh product specialist who has been my contact for this issue, and expressed my frustration and unhappiness. He was very sympathetic, and he said I could have a new camera if I wished, but he warned me that the GR is in short supply, and it could take a couple of months before I'd receive a new GR replacement.

Alternately, he said, he would send me a UPS ground pre-paid shipping label to send my GR back to CRIS, who would give my GR top-priority to correct the problem and then overnight-ship it back to me. If my camera couldn’t be repaired, then I would still be entitled to a new GR replacement. Because I didn't want to have to wait two months to receive a replacement, I chose to give CRIS another chance to fix the problem. I requested that the second time CRIS "fixes" my camera they would verify that the problem has been resolved before sending it back to me.

I shipped the GR back to CRIS on 9/20, and last Wednesday (10/2) I called to inquire about the status of the repair. The person I spoke to at CRIS, Mike, said that they were going to order a new, replacement camera for me, and it sounded as if he was at least going to attempt to give my replacement GR a high-priority status. Mike told me the lens assembly, which CRIS had replaced when they had my camera the first time, is a sealed unit, and they don't have another lens assembly in stock. He said it would have to be ordered from Ricoh, and he couldn’t tell me how long that would take. I'm not sure what the lens assembly has to do with this particular problem, unless maybe the dust or debris is not on the sensor but inside the lens assembly. Mike wondered out loud whether some tiny piece of debris had flaked off from the lens assembly and fallen onto the sensor. Whatever.

I've now been without the GR for about six weeks, and although I'll eventually be getting a new GR, I have no idea when at this point, and I wonder whether it, too, will have dust on the sensor. I still love the camera, but this unhappy quality issue and repair failure has tainted my overall experience of the GR, and I would hesitate to buy another Ricoh camera, at least one that is a fairly new product (where there is less likely to be spare parts and/or new-replacement models for contingencies like this one).


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