Would you buy X-Trans or Bayer

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Re: Would you buy X-Trans or Bayer

deednets wrote:

NTNphoto wrote:

Honestly after using the X-E1 since December...a Bayer sensor. Ergonomic wise I love the camera. I like using it, the build quality, the options for adapting other lenses, but I have come to the opinion that I really and truly do not enjoy working with X trans raw files. Bayer files are easier and cleaner to work with. Yes I can use something other than Photoshop or Lightroom to edit, but my entire Nikon workflow is routed through those programs and the x trans fuji is not so good as to change my entire workflow.

I would sell my X-E1 for a Bayer version almost immediately. I don't want a X-A1 because of the cheaper build and no evf.

Well, this only shows you how different people's opinions can be??? I have used Nikons and Canon cameras, the last ones D300s, D800 and the 5DMKII. When I switched to the Fuji, I thought initially to just use the camera for travel, but the files when opened were like I had removed the veil from the lens, there was a clarity, that I still find unbelievable, my initial idea was that this was probably due to the X-Trans Sensor ... Have compared the Fuji files lately to the Canon 6D and still find the Fuji would be my preference!

But! I see you use Lightroom, I use Capture One 7 Pro ... would have been nicer if the sensors algorithms were more universally useable, but maybe that's part of what I like about it!

... crop from a photo taken last week, have a look at 100% obviously not to your liking, but I personally find that the files are amongst the cleanest I have on my computer ... just my opinion ok, I like the skin tones and the sharpness level:



1+ I ran into a few problems with LR at first but since moving to C1 (which I like better than LR now as well) I find the detail and colour to be first rate, even at default. I also come from 5dmkii with L quality lenses and Nex7+Zeiss etc..... all have been sold and I now have a complete X Trans system with X-E1 as backup. Looking forward to how they develop X-Pro2.

I would rather wait longer and for there to be a significant step-up in sensor technology etc than seeing a small incremental change.

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