Here is why Obama will be regarded as one of the greatest Presidents

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Re: Here is why Obama will be regarded as one of the greatest Presidents

Brian wrote:

RobertSigmund wrote:

in future history books: Obamacare.

Many things may have gone wrong during his presidency, he may have broken the rule of law, and Obamacare may even be a bad law as Brian says. (Though this is not necessarily Obama's fault - ne needed to compromise)

But even Brian admits there needs to be a system where everybody has insurance.

And it is Obama who introduced it. There is no way back. At the tender age of 52 and after only 5 years presidency he has already won his place of honour in history.

Who wants to go back. Ostupid care needs to be trashed and a decent health care system needs to be put in place. Obama is not the first to introduce health care reform. It has been discussed for 40+ years.

Did anyone else did anything about it?

I suspect in 4 years time Obama care will be replace by something that makes sense.

Of course. Nobody is saying ACA is perfect.

If Obama needs credit for obama care, that is fine by me.

That's the way the cookie crumbles.

That is like junior coming home from high school and showing mama his D+ in science and being happy with it because it so much better than an F.

It's a step towards a better outcome.  Wouldn't it be worse if you started with an A and work your way backwards to an F?

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