D700 prices are through the roof!!!

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Re: I don't understand the attraction

Shotcents wrote:

Very few types?

Boxing, kids sports, wildlife, auto racing, and pretty much ANYTHING that moves can benefit from occasional usage of a very fast FPS.

Fast FPS is just another tool in the bag. If you know how to use it you can get superior results at times. Given an experienced shooter, NOT having it is certainly no advantage at all.

The D800 being 4 FPS at full frame is s-l-o-w! Even shooting the kids jumping off the back of the boat yields fewer keepers compared to the D700. At 8 FPS I could get a sequence of action that was a lot of fun.

I love my D800, but I wish it wasn't so slow.


It's all about learning to time your shots, that punch, bat connecting with the ball etc is VERY unlikely to be captured perfectly by anything with less than 10 FPS unless you get lucky spraying and praying.  Like I said too, if you're shooting that stuff where getting the shot matters for getting a paycheck, buy a D4.  It's not like no one got good shots before the D300/D700 came on the market, the d200 did 5, the F100 did 5 with grip only, etc.  People like to think that because Nikon pushed the envelope once it's suddenly their god given right that every prosumer camera have every possible feature, and that somehow no one ever took good pictures before that feature was available.  Going from a D300 with grip at 8fps to a D7k at 5.5 has had no negative impact on my auto racing photography.  If anything it's small buffer and slower FPS made me quit relying on the camera to machine gun me out some good shots and made me look for that moment of excitement and better compositions in the camera instead of by culling from 100s of extra images.

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