X-E1 vs X-A1 raws with 14/2.8

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Re: X-E1 vs X-A1 raws with 14/2.8

This is all interesting from the academic (i.e. non-practical) point of view.

It does raise questions about the validity of the X-Trans claim to fame.

Has anyone tried to measure details with high ISO to see if XTrans maintains better levels of detail as ISO goes up compared to X-Trans in low ISO or whether details deteriorate at the same rate with ISO like they do on Bayer? My personal impression was that it does maintain better detail than quite a few cameras out there, though maybe not in comparison to the X-A1.

Also, since 16MP cameras are not new but previously the X-Trans sensor seemed to have an advantages (I look at DPReview comparisons with various recent APS-C Canons and Nikons), it raises this question: Is the sensor itself used for the X-Trans cameras of an older generation than the one used in the X-A1? In other words, apart from the Bayer vs X-Trans CFA, are the X-A1 and X-M1/X-E1/X100s sensors identical in terms of SNR (yes, I know the X-100s has the phase detect pixels, I'm talking about the image data itself).


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