Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

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Re: Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

Dan W wrote:

Well, you've certainly given this a lot of thought, much more than I have. I have to take issue with a few of your points, however.

Many thanks for your considered response

Do you know that the top control wheel changes the aperture in A mode (unless you're using a legacy lens)? That's quite useful, in my opinion. I find the wheel very easy to use with my thumb.

Sure, and the Shutter Speed in 'S' mode and the 'hyperprogram' in 'P'. When I said 'useless' I meant that it only does what the rear wheel used to do on the previous models - for me they might as well have left that functionality on the rear wheel as now it does nothing in those modes, but for other functions (like EV compensation) both wheels do the same thing - confusing!

I have no problem reaching the function button and yes, 6 custom menu items are better than 5. It all feels natural to me; I think you're right about being used to the 5N's layout.

I like the fact that the center button controls the mode. It's almost as easy as having a separate mode wheel, and that would have been difficult to do on a camera of this size.

That's a fair comment - as you say it is useful having the mode in the centre button. I just would have preferred the Fn button located on the back of the camera and not by the shutter. I still think the top wheel would be better located where the Fn button currently is

I guess the way they did it with both Fn button and wheel on the top only required a modification of the top-plate from the 5N (which they also downgraded from metal to plastic at the same time!) otherwise they would have had to change the back plate and maybe the grip as well

The level gauge is great; I use it often.

Yes that's a big advantage over the older models. I find myself using it a lot to make sure my images of buidlings etc (particularly portrait orientation) are 'straight'

I don't use the apps much but I don't mind them being there.

I've decided that I do like the MFNR app now, but I wish it supported focus assist and also the touchscreen 'touch-to-focus' (currently neither work in this app) - particularly as it mainly gets used in low-light situations where apertures are wide and focus is critical! They really should have integrated this functionality into the 'core' firmware rather than making us access it through an app!

Wireless is also occasionally useful.

Never used it myself but I got myself and android tablet recently so I may try it with the remote app

So for me, the 5R is a significant step forward in how the camera is controlled. There may have been some missteps too; no camera is perfect.


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