How do i explain to someone its not about megapixels ?

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....and breathe

Mikael Risedal wrote:

1. study this paper

2. Listen to Bob he knows what he is talking about. simple as that

Here's a couple of helpful tips for you:

1) not everyone is interested in reading abstract obscure technical papers, but if you insist...

Did you even read it yourself?


"The conclusion is that noise is resolution dependent. If one compares two cameras having the same sensor size and technologies but different resolutions (pixel densities), the one with the lower resolution (lower pixel density) will have less noise at the pixel level, as the above exercise again demonstrates.

The same reasoning holds true when comparing two different camera models with different size pixels."

Does that paper you link actually back up my argument? It sort of does, doesn't it?

Is that what you had in mind when you posted just now? Probably not.

2) When you decide to quote about 20 pages worth of guff just to write 5 words yourself, think of the reader! I had to scroll down about 10 minutes until I finally reached the black text signifying your input. Please delete all that quotage history next's easier for everyone. Thanks.

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