Canvas color faded/washed out upon printing on 3880?

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Re: Canvas color faded/washed out upon printing on 3880?


I'm cutting sheets from a roll and that's very simple. The difficulties are in preventing the Crystalline Canvas from curling, once it's cut. This makes it difficult to feed into the rear loader of the 3880 since a curl tends to cause the printer to request a re-feed. Here are the solutions I've come up with so far:

1. Cut only what you are going to use just before printing. This keeps most of the curl at bay.

2. Cut ahead of time but store sheets between mat boards to keep them out of the air and flat.

3. Reverse roll the canvas just before printing. This stuff is extremely tough and flexible, so you don't have to worry about creasing or scratching it.

4. Tape a photo paper leader to the feed edge of the paper. This requires using double-sided tape applied to the non-print side of the canvas so that the leader sticks out about 1.5" beyond the actual print. Adjustments have to be made for paper size in both your editing software and the 3880 printer driver software - which is easier than it sounds.

5. Spray a light mist of distilled water to the back of the canvas to uncurl it before printing. Breathing Color recommended this but I haven't tried it myself yet. I'm kind of concerned about how the printer wheels will react to the slight moisture on the canvas's back.

One or a combo of the above techniques works for me and - as I said - the results are fantastic and well worth the effort.

You can and should contact Breathing Color by phone and speak directly with one of their techs. They are very customer oriented and willing to help.


Paul T. Klein wrote:

are you cutting sheets from a roll? how easy is that?


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