E-P5 and "shtter Shock"

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Re: E-P5 and "shtter Shock"

John Dyke wrote:

Why do we keep talking about E-P5 and shutter shock when this is not the problem

In my understanding, the vertical double image which appears in certain situations is caused by the inability of the IBIS to cope with camera movement causes by the operator depressing the release button.

That may be your understanding but it is most likely the wrong understanding. That's why other people keep talking about shutter shock.

Placing the camera on a tripod solves the problem.

Placing the camera on a tripod can be expected to help no matter which of the alternative causes we have in mind.

I wonder if using a cable release while holding the camera in the hand as usual would help. Otherwise, paying very careful attention to technique in the same way as a rifle shooter pays attention to squeezing the trigger, as opposed to jerking it, might help.

Finally, is it possible that Olympus can produce a software fix?

I have an E-P5 and have not experiences any double images...but I am a long time expert rifle shot.

I also use a GH3. I have recently abandoned the E-P5 and gone back to the GH3 which, in comparison, I find to be sublime.

Anyone want to buy a (very) slightly used E-P5? JD

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