New Ipad: Raw in-out?

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Re: New Ipad: Raw in-out? Works but apps only seeing preview

Not sure if the OP question was answered but here is my solution. I shoot RAW+JPG with a Canon 5D (CR2 files). I wanted a way to back up my CF cards to my iPad 3 while traveling. I use the USB Camera Connection Kit (CCK) to connect my Canon 5D to my iPad using a standard USB cable connected to the Digital USB port on my camera. Basically I use my camera as card reader because I have yet to find a reliable card reader that will work with the CCK. As soon as I connect my camera to the iPad the stock Photos app (iOS 7) loads and I can choose to Import my images. It does copy RAW+JPG as suggested here. I think the Photos app displays the JPG in the app for previewing images but the RAW is there. I then use the free app iFunBox on my PC. I connect my iPad to my PC using the standard USB iPad charging cable that comes with the iPad. The iFunBox app allows you to look at the file system of the iPad (not jailbroken). In the iFunbox Classic tab you can see the file structure. Click on the "Raw File System". Under that you will see the DCIM folder and under that you will see the folder for your imported files. The RAW and JPG are there and you can easily click and copy them to your PC. This option works without having to use the Cloud or any external hard drive system. This way I can have a backup of my CF cards while traveling and still have the RAW CR2 files for editing at home on my PC. It also allows me to show my underwater photos to my dive buddies on my iPad and not have to carry a laptop and external drives to accomplish the same thing.

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