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Flat view
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(All images out of camera, no post processing!)

Bought my TG-2 the afternoon before I left for Costa Rica, the rainy season. Dumb, I know, you also should now your gear, but hey... it's a tough cam! I took a calculated risk.

The same evening I was fiddling with it to get to know it a bit, and I thought the screen was a bit blue-ish. 'Hmmm... poor screen.', I thought. 3 days later, near Quepos, Costa Rica, I used the TG-2 for the first time. The screen was flickering from blue-ish to actually good! Yay! The screen was of better quality! Boo... I bought a dud, broken right out of the box! But what else to do then to use it, and hope for the best : 'Screen... please don't die on me during this vacation?Please?'.

First real use, two days later during a horseback riding trip. Left the camera dangling from my wrist, grabbed it when I wanted to take a shot.

Obviously lacking in dynamic range. Purple fringing... check!

Again, DR seems to be lacking.

Mid-trip, we stopped at a waterfall, for a short hike and a cool trip. Was happy to have both feet on the ground again for a while. I am not really horse-back riding, I am only trying hard not to fall off!

It did okay. The blown sky happens with many dslr's as well under these circumstances. It's a pity you can't shoot raw though!

Nice capture. But... no real manuals... so getting creative... nana!

Nice capture. Maybe a bit of motion blur, but that's my fault!

After the stop-over, it started dripping a bit.

It did fairly well. Lighting flattened because of the heavy rain, so it isn't struggling anymore with DR.

This is what this camera is built for! It performed well during the rain, was still controllable. The only problem was the control wheel, it just was sometimes a bit difficult to operate. You are expected to use the camera in less then ideal circumstances, with not all your focus and abilities there to operate the camera.

'Oh no!' - the screen started to flicker, blue-ish, normal,... totall dark grey! 'Damn!'

Nice tonality. Very realistic colors!

Good color representation. No DR problems in these flatter circumstances.

After this trip, I decided to use it only when I was really afraid to expose my other camera's to the Costa Rica weather. So several days later, during a night hike, I pulled it out again.

Great color representation!

This was the only real good shot I was able to pull of. Mainly... because the screen died on me. The camera was functioning, but I was shooting 'blind' now!

I tried some blind macro shots in the cloud forrest the next day, which was strangely sunny when we were there.

Not really macro. All camera's found it hard to achieve focus on the orange thingy. In fact, the TG2 performed the best, the RX100 was unable to get focus at all, it was way to distracted by the background.

A couple of days later, I used it again, blind again, so I had to guess composition and zoom factor! But damn, I wanted to use the camera for what I bought it for!

Nice capture!

Do I have a steady hand and did I miss my calling as a carpenter... or was I just lucky to shoot this horizon almost straight... blind!

Though shooting blind, the camera was able to produce some nice images.

Meanwhile I had contacted the customer service of Olympus Netherlands, but they backed out of any service rather soon. 'You have to contact and deal with the dealer!' was their less then empathic response in the end. Door shut! No savior there!

Meanwhile, next day, we had planned a beach day... of course it rained during the whole day.

Another problem arose. Some milky white spots appeared inside the, dark-grey - remember, I am shooting blind, LCD! It was really like milk was present in between the layers of the LCD! No leakage visible! I checked later, back at my room. It looked like it had to do with some heat, either produced by the camera or the sun. But it was raining, just a few rays sometimes penetrated the clouds, and the camera did not feel warm. When I switched off the camera and headed back to the hotel, I saw the milky white spots disappear right in front of my eyes! Weird!

Shot one  more image, quickly turning it on / off. Then I noticed the bling-ring around the lens was gone! It probably had just fallen off during my walk on the beach. It was nowhere to be found anymore. Big beach, tiny bling ring. The inners of the camera now seemed exposed!

If this completely unnecessary bling-ring, a completely useless piece of waste, just falls off, doing nothing, well do you then really trust this camera to go over 10 meters deep! Do you really believe this camera can withstand 2 meter drops!

I feel Olympus should have focussed on 'tough' instead of 'bling'.

After that day, I could not use the camera anymore! That's a pity with still 2 more weeks to go in Costa Rica, the rainy season.

So to sum it up:

It shoots okay pictures for its class. Just review the OOC images and judge for yourselves (i did include the best images I shot). Do not expect any IQ wonders.

It is definitely not tough! Three major defects in one week, without ever going really tough. No rafting, no zip lining. No nothing like that!

Olympus customer service is non existent.

In the end, it does not deliver what it promises, to be a tough camera.

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