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Tom Caldwell wrote:

cgarrard wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

"Ricoh ought to make a third generation GX and see off the GXR concept"

You can't be serious.

Yes, I am serious. The GXR concept is awesome, but it hasn't taken off at all. I like it personally, but it hasn't taken off. You like it personally but it hasn't taken off, some others here like it but it hasn't really taken off. Ricoh can't keep a system that isn't selling very well, and they probably won't. We have seen zero activity from it of late.

I think the GX series would do great these days with the modern sensors, heck even the sensor of the GR IV would be excellent ! (with a re-worked/better sealed lens assy w/less dust issues).

Just my opinion though!
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I respect your opinion, I just didn't think you were serious to be promoting a type of camera that was probably the least popular of all Ricoh's digital cameras - it only reached two models before it was scrapped.

The GX was and is very good but requires a believer to buy it and not a regular consumer. The regular consumers out there are going to buy the big names and the cameras with a gitzy feature list. I remember the GX series in full flight being roundly criticised for its slow lens, some sort of aperture shift on zooming (I forget exactly what), general quality of images and some sort of dust on sensor issues.

However most of those that owned it liked it. But I don't think the market ever did. Come the then latest model of the LX series it was compared very unfavorably to Panasonic products and more than a few Ricoh owners deserted camp never to come back. Panasonic seemed to indicate that whatever Ricoh did with any GX then they would go one better, quicker and with market saturation. Rhapsodies were written about the very fast LX lens and just a little on how it's software correction almost fixed the distortion at wide. Ricoh were into quiet little niche products and the GX/LX niche was inhabited by a tiger.

The GX with an aps-c sensor aka GR-zoom might be another ball game and probably another model name as well.

Putting on my accounting hat I think that Rioch hardly worries about the camera sales numbers game beyond a relatively small product run target number being sold over a predicted period of time. This is why Ricoh must shy away from heavy advertising and allow the product to sell itself. This is why they only market and sell product when they have a product that will do so. Their market base is low and they could spend a lot of money trying to increase it. Best that they don't flood their market with product whether it be the GR GXR or a re-vitalised GX.

The GXR is an enormous investment of effort. Even just making a new camera back and one (say) new module would give as much new lease of life to the GXR brand as Ricoh's well known firmware upgrades give to something like the GR. A bit of a makeover for the user of their existing product.

I don't think existing GXR owners are tired of their modules, they might be more bored with the lack of change. I think an interesting new camera back - be it fitted evf or as tiny and basic as the GR would have every GXR owner thirsting for one - be it for their mount module or even their P10.

Fit us up with a FF mount module and the Ricoh world will go mad - a lot madder than a small sensor GX300 would make it.

No expensive advertising//promotion would be necessary.

I'm not "promoting" the GX series as it was Tom, but as it could be. Big difference, have a little vision. Just because I like the GX series cameras (and their faults), doesn't mean I'm not aware of the issues they had. Anyways, moving onto other engaging chats :).

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