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Re: So where in Newark..

Brad Ross wrote:

Steve, I live in Westfield NJ, about 11 miles west of Newark. lived in NJ for 17 years, but besides NJPAC and the train station,I do not know the city, or the photo opportunities, perhaps a guided tour, just kidding, although I would like to know the location! and any other spots that you found interesting


Brad: I can't really say I know the area well.  I hadn't been in Newark for many, many years prior to going there yesterday.  I'm only 35 minutes north, in Bergen County.  I drove down mostly out of curiosity and to search some good photo opportunities.  But I didn't stay long.

I parked in a public lot right near the PNC Building, which is near the Ironbound district.  I walked over to Market Street and almost immediately didn't feel safe ... certainly not with a camera bag and strap that had "CPS Canon Professional" written all over it.  I'd only walked two blocks when I saw the old theater, grabbed a shot, then headed towards the train station for a bite to eat.  I left for home shortly afterwards.

My brief stay in the city tells me there are many, many photo opportunities in the city of Newark.  But I brought the wrong camera.  Something smaller and more discrete ... and less "professional looking" than the E-5 ... would have been more appropriate.  The E-510, E-420 or a Fuji X10 would have been better.  I'll be going again soon, but with a much smaller camera.

I lived in Bergen county for about a year, in Edgewater. Beautiful town located on the side of a cliff on the Hudson. I now live in downtown historic jersey city, down the street from grove st and a few blocks away from exchange place. I wanted the 24hr transportation to NYC and more of an urban feel.

Newark is pretty rough, once you leave the confines of the ironbound it gets sketchy pretty quick. My Gf teaches there. Definitely a city you'd want to have someone with you as you walk around even in the downtown area. The area by the prudential center and the train station isn't so bad though. If I'm not mistaken that old landmark theater you took a photo of has now become a church?
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