D800 Portrait Lens Battle!

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Re: D800 Portrait Lens Battle!

PhotoKaz wrote:

Why are you comparing the 70-200 at 200? One of the reasons I picked up the 85 is to take shots of my kids indoors. 200mm isn't a very useful focal length inside.


I did it at 200mm at close focus, which is actually about 140mm due to focus breathing. But I mainly did it to disprove any nonsense that the 70-200 VRII is not tack sharp wide open at 2.8. In fact stopping it down to F4 is such a slight improvement that you need to pixel peep to see it at all.

The 70-200 VRII is hugely versatile indoors, especially for candids of kids. I can get into spots and pick up moments, intimate and otherwise, that the 85mm cannot.

And of course the 70-200 VRII does 85mm beautifully as well. Understand, I'm not knocking one lens beneath the other. I own the 85mm and it's a GREAT optic. I'm just pointing out that when doing a variety of portraits in various situations a variety of lens is a big help.

I might break these lenses down like this...

70-200 VRII ..... Versatility champ, best lens for candids. Heavy and expensive.

85mm 1.8G ..... low light champ and ideal for studio work as well due to faster glass. Light, no VR.

Tamron 90 VC ..... Close focus and sharpness champ. Slower glass at close distances, but had VC.

Tamron 70-300 VC ..... Ideal for outdoor candids in reasonable lighting conditions. Big lens that is superior to the Nikon version. Punches above it's weight

All 4 can work wonders and in spite of the FL overlap, they are very different tools.



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