Would you buy X-Trans or Bayer

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Re: Would you buy X-Trans or Bayer

When Agfa shipped its early monochrome films some people loved them; others hated them.

When Kodak released Kodachrome over half a century ago some people loved it; others hated it.

When Fuji released Velvia some people loved it; others hated it.

All of those films and many others - and all of the different photo papers - had healthy market shares. Mostly because the market thrives on diversity - each of us wants something that approximates to our own desires and requirements.

Today's arguments about Bayer versus XTrans [or Foveon/Merill] are broadly similar: they're essentially pointless uber-tech arguments that have little to do with actually *using* a camera to make pictures. If you like the results from Xtrans and that sensor suits your needs then buy it. If you don't like it and it doesn't suit your needs then buy a Bayer or Merill camera.

Is there room in the market for Fuji to make cameras of more than one sensor type, and make a sufficient financial successes of them so that this would allow and support continuing development of the range? I suspect there probably is. Meanwhile let's not forget that the Fuji/Panasonic partnership is likely to result in new sensor types in commercial cameras in the near future, and that this may well mean Fuji and Panasonic will drop some or all of their existing sensors for newer sensors with yet another set of different characteristics. C'est la vie. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose!

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