Why is photography now considered a terrorist act?

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Re: Photography and Terror

jkoch2 wrote:

Gee, what does this look like?


Terror is an agitated state of fear. Terrorist inspire extreme fear by attacks which authorities cannot predict, deter, or interdict by usual or reliable means. To combat terror involves all sorts of cosmetic or procedural paliatives to give the appearance of "doing something." Anything "unusual" becomes suspect. People hired to combat terror must confirm peoples fears or risk losing employment. Success is attained if people are forever obsessed with something, even if the actual risk of falling victim is quite tiny. Terrorists win, without any military triumph, simply by making millions afraid enough to sacrifice liberties, endure absurd costs and inconveniences, and live in suspicion of everything.

Anyone with a camera or who takes pictures of things that, to most people, are not usual subjects for pictures, becomes suspect. People imagine that photos can somehow be used to jynx buildings, curse souls, or torment sacred values. Formerly, this belief was associated with primitive people. But the advent of the Internet means that photos of people or things can end up anywhere.

Any true malefactor needs no photographs to locate or study vulnerable public venues. If he did need pictures, these could be obtained easily, with little need for stealth, with a phone camera and not draw any attention.

Nonetheless, since photographers do tend to "spook" many people, and because guards might be reprimanded if they don't report unusual activity, a photographer who wanders streets in search of Edward Hopper type pictures can eventually end up on the police blotter.

The others stay home or take pictures only of dogs, flowers, birthdays, and tourists' icons.

Exactly so. To me photography is another form of Freedom of Speech, which should be the first human right.

I have no problems in Italy, but I hear that there are some limits too in Paris. Imagine if those had existed when the great masters of the 'decisive moment' were active there.

One shouldn't acceptswhat debases one's own culture, for imaginary security.

Iconoclasts always had a wide range when civilisation collapsed. Imagine to give the power to a security guard.


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