Canon 7D or 70D for birds in flight

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re: flash in burst modes???

R2D2 wrote:

Yeah, it was pretty breezy that day. I usually wait for a still moment, then bang bang bang (I use diffused flash in burst mode usually). I normally focus manually via viewfinder (preset the lens and then try to keep still!). It was warm and sunny that day so the bees were very active (I call them "crazy bees" because trying to photograph them when they're in that mode will drive you absolutely bonkers!).

Here are a couple of shots from that day. Best viewed at "Original" size. EXIF is intact...

Sometimes I have to throw the (astounding) MP-E65 on it though for kicks...

forgotten to ask - and this is pretty crucial, esp. if one uses the mpe65 on higher magnifications, although even with 100L and other macro settings pretty often a diffused flash is a must :). Yet, even on shots like the one above in your pbase gallery, you wrote "Canon MP-E65mm f/2.8 1-5X Macro, with flash 1/200s f/13.0 at 65.0mm iso400", but... the actual EXIF keeps mum about flash details. So... HOW do you manage to force it to yield enough juice and to sustain bursts?

I guest it must have been with manual settings, and using perhaps something like 1/16 to 1/64 power output, but all I've managed so far with various Speedlites (mostly 550 & 580ex) was to get the flash firing intermittently every second shot, alas. The HSS mode has helped some, but not much. Can you share your setup and workflows here?


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