How do i explain to someone its not about megapixels ?

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Alan Brown
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is this the only thing left in your arsenal?

dholl wrote:

MediaArchivist wrote:

Have you considered the possibility that it is, in fact, all about the megapixels?

How times have changed...DPR used to be a refuge away from the megapixel-race..we all used to sing from the same hymn-sheet, wishing manufacturers would stop the pixel-increases and focus on IQ & FPS.Now? Now everyone loves the megapixel race (and everyone loves camera phones).

Times have changed indeed...


times have changed but you don't want to. That's ok.

You are right: increased MP did 'used' to mean more noise at higher ISO and it would 'always would'.. (I have been here from 2001 and have been through that era of indoctrination) It wasn't correct though.

a Nikon D100's 6MP is noisier at the same ISO than their 36MP D800.. (you admitted that) I don't see where you can argue now?

Files are a lot bigger too: I agree. But were are not all using Intel 286 based PCs now, are we?

bobn2 wrote:

dholl wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

In know it's convenient for you to ignore them, but there they are.

D700 is a 5-year old sensor. And I already agreed that the D600's 5% high-ISO improvement over the D800 isn't significant.

And so a whole load of your argument disappears through the window.

Jesus wept, bob.

I wrote that 3 pages ago. Keep up

I'm not on a 'megapixel race' crusade. There is no megapixel race.

Right on.

The 'easier/faster photoshopping' bit is a red herring anyway, a lot of photoshopping operations become easier with more pixels, sometimes even unnecessary.

Now you're just being silly.

I vote that the girlfriend makes a DPR account and joins this thread before it hits the 150.

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