Stilll amazed by the quality of the X-20

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Re: Fuji Compact. RX 100 competitor

utomo99 wrote:

I wish Fuji create compact camera for RX 100 competitor.

The basic goal is to create a better overall tool for quality photographic images; the goal is not simply to react to the efforts of others.

If you crop the 3:2 width-to-height ratio of the RX100 sensor to the 4:3 ratio of the X20, then the effective area of the sensor would be 8.8 mm x 11.733 mm =103.25 sq mm, and only 18.6 MP of the RX100's 20.9 megapixels would be in play.  However, the density of the 18.6 megapixels in that 103.25 square millimeters would be 1.148 times the density of the pixels in the 12 MP X20 camera.  That is, pixel-for-pixel, the Sony RX100 has smaller light receptors than the current X20.  Would you care to explain how smaller per-pixel area than the X20 makes the RX100 a goal to chase after?

I think it will be interesting. better if start from 24mm

Oh, yes.  Let us have even more extraneous clutter around the sides and edges of the frame, and even tinier subjects at the center of interest.  Quare:  if I showed you two photos side-by-side, one taken of a scene at 28 mm equivalent focal length/angle of view, the other taken of a different scene at 24 mm equivalent focal length/angle of view, do you think that you could tell which of the pair was shot at 28 mm equivalent and which was shot at 24 mm equivalent?

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