Sony mirrorless FullFrame!?!?

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Another forecast

sean lancaster wrote:

Olymore wrote:

For the last 150 years sensor/film size has progressively got smaller, for mainstream photography, as technology has improved.

From large plates all the way down to APSC.

I would be more inclined to put a bet on 1" size sensors being the standard for keen photographers in ten years time. The current move to 35mm size sensors is a minor blip in that sequence due to the falling price of these cameras. It won't last long and is only affecting a small part of the market (up from 5% to 8% of ILC sales so far) .

In fact as phone cameras are improving at such a rate and as the sensors are the most efficient available, even smalller sensors will likely be used and software used to create the approriate DOF requirements.

After all it was only a few years ago that using software to correct lens aberrations was frowned upon and now it is more or less accepted.

Sensor size still largely determines depth of field (along with lens) - and assuming we're shooting the same field of view and same subject. For people who like a shallow depth of field then phone sized sensors are not making progress. Neither are micro 4/3 camera. Neither are APS-C cameras. Full Frame is still the best affordable option to get shallow depth of field and subject separation and it hasn't changed as smaller sized sensors otherwise improve.

I have always wondered what people do here if they need shallow DOF. Logic would require that people chose m4/3 because they want MORE DOF.

That has been the aim of photographers for a century and more. Having less DOF has been just a special requirement for PORTRAIT, and not always. Indeed some of the best, have been Environmental Portraits, which require DOF.

For MY purposes, I see 35mm, and its bigger files as an option for LANDSCAPE. However due to the pixel sharprness reached by m4/3 it might not even be a REQUIREMENT unless it belongs to some agency or stock agent.

Having a smaller sensor allows m4/3 to offer a set of features that will be less easily achieved with 35mm. Reactiveness, fast focus, new digital features, one should be familiar by frequenting this forum, and others.

it would be nice if people learned to de-emphasize photographic commonplaces, and learned to keep their powders dry, knowing full well why they chose this particular format...


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