Canon 7D or 70D for birds in flight

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Re: re: how about tracking sensitivity of 70d vs. 7d?

BirdShooter7 wrote:

AFAIK there is no expansion mode on the 70D. That's one of the two 7D modes it lacks, the other being spot focus. A shame, as expansion is the mode I find most useful on the 7D.
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That is interesting. The expanded mode is the one I found to be the most frustrating with my 7D and is the only one I never use anymore.


First off, Hi Greg!  How are things going (well I hope)?

Second, that's an interesting "that is interesting" comment on your part because I also find the 70D's expanded mode most useful.  By any chance did you have an opportunity to try out another 7D to confirm whether or not the expanded mode performed good/bad PERIOD?

I should also mention the expanded mode works extremely well on the 1DmkII (no clue regarding the III or IV).

BTW, what happened to your old DPR username?

Joe Kurkjian

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