I think m4/3s is the future

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Re: I think m4/3s is the future

There are probably 1000 threads like this here.

I do agree that some marketing would help. But their issue might be what channels to market in. With camera stores all but disappeared in most places I suppose some sort of partnership with the mass market retailers might help (in the USA).

But there are some big psychological hurdles that may be difficult to overcome. Most of those entry level and maybe even some mid-level dSLR's are being sold to people unsatisfied for some reason with point and shoot cameras (or their cellphone cameras). They have been conditioned to believe first of all that they need more more more megapixels to get better pictures. Then that they need a camera "like the pros" carry to get better pictures (i.e. a dSLR). But most of them never advance beyond a kit lens and many never venture beyond the "auto" mode. Since entry level dSLR kits are so relatively cheap these days they sell a lot of them. And people like to show off. So they think having a bigger camera makes them feel better about themselves or their photos or both.

I'd guess that most people who get into m43 are enthusiast photographers who have or had dSLRs but wanted something smaller. They were willing to sacrifice somewhat on IQ (but frankly not all that much for the uses most people have). The greatest strength of the system IMHO is the lens line up. When I first went mirrorless I got a Nikon V1 because I have Nikon dSLRs and a bunch of Nikon mount lenses. The biggest drawback to the N1 system (and it is a HUGE drawback as far as I am concerned) is the pathetic dedicated lens lineup. The lenses themselves also feel very cheap. My m43 lenses almost all feel much more substantial and much more like precision instruments rather than plastic toys. With the adapter you can use other Nikon mount lenses but then you have a giant lens with a tiny camera.

When I was traveling in Asia last year I saw a good bit of OM-D advertising. The big electronics and camera stores had E-M5 displays. I remember that Power Buy in Thailand (like Best Buy in the USA) had OM-D displays plus they had tablet computers showing OM-D product videos and you could poke around the tablet to get specs and see the lens line up and other info.

Here in the US they don't even sell them at Best Buy. My local camera shop doesn't really deal in m43 at all. They are mainly just Nikon/Canon dSLR territory. I think they have some Sony stuff but not much. I think they've been hit pretty hard by online shopping. In fact the local chain here went bankrupt and got saved by Calumet, but when I was in the store last week there was almost no stock of anything. Lots of empty floor space and they've obvious cut way back on their product line up. I'm guessing they are barely surviving so they have to be very selective about what they carry. I was talking to one of the sales guys about m43. He also shoots the format and told me they could order pretty much anything I wanted but they just don't carry it in their normal stock.

So, there's no advertising or marketing at all here beyond some ads in photography magazines which of course are directed to a specialized audience. I don't know if they need a celebrity spokesmodel, or maybe some examples of what kind of pictures you can get out of the camera plus a focus on how much more portable the cameras are compared to dSLRs.

It's great that they're still rolling out these new products for us. But you do have to wonder a little bit how long they can keep doing that. Panasonic is an enormous company that can probably handle the losses in this particular division. Olympus...who knows?

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