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Re: 70d look and feel..

Stakeouttoo wrote:

rrccad wrote:

well, let's see .. over the 60D

- faster fps
- much,much much more advanced AF
- slightly better viewfinder
- much better AEB (heck this was regated to 1 series only a generation ago)
- more advanced MFA versus none
- wifi tethering

- more ergonomic touch screen (if you don't think this rocks for photography you never tried it)
- better sensor (more mp's, better OOC jpg,etc)

did i forget anything?

oh yeah that video stuff too.

wifi tethering... touchscreen..video ..all three NOT on my list...

what's so great about a touchscreen on a small 3" LCD.. that's why God made buttons... you must not shoot thru your viewfinder??? .. I never use Live View.. I can see it on my Galaxy S4 phone but not on a DSLR..

well i have an EOS-M as well and the touchscreen interface is intuitive and downright ridiculously so much easier than a viewfinder / PDAF for flipping focus anywhere around in 80% of the entire field of view.

for macro work and landscape i much prefer the touchscreen and associated AF than i do viewfinder AF.  no focus / recompose for hyperfocal .. nothing.  just touch and the picture takes.  end of story.  like i said if you haven't tried it .. you just don't know how insanely good it is.

wifi - again for macro / tripod work / long exposure work - being have to remotely control / tether your camera without cords - a complete win.

like i said - every aspect of the photographic experience outside of a single SD card was upgraded from the 60D.  anymore upgrades, and it would have been a 7D body.

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