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over the past week handled the 70d...not sure if it is just me but I thought it felt more like a Rebel series camera like my old Xsi (450d) than my 60d which I still like a lot..

??? Per manufacturer and preview descriptions I've seen, in terms of Size, weight, control layout, and finish the 70D's feel should all be very similar to 60D. In what way did it feel more like your 450D?

was looking to upgrade... actually wanted to go one-step up to a new 7DMkII if it will ever show its face... not looking to go FF

I don't think of any progression within the same line to be an "upgrade". To me, 60D to 70D is a sideways move, just a refinement of a basic feature set. IMHO (YMMV) an upgrade would be to higher model line with more advanced feature set and/or larger format, e.g. from 60D to 7D, 5D/6D, or 1D lines.

I wouldn't say that .. even from a photographic only aspect, there were advancements and improvements in just about every area.

+1 Rrccad

Folks should really take into consideration the positive benefits of any increase in "keeper percentage" as well (not just poring over the manuf spec). Actual shooting results. (For instance the Macro AF performance of the 100L Macro on my 70D is leagues better than with any other cam I've shot Macro with).

For the benefit of those in the hunt, I think that as more and more folks get these 70Ds in hand, the "capability" picture will become even clearer.

And it sure looks like the upcoming 7D Mk II will be an even more capable performer with its dual processors and a host of other refinements (even if by chance it does sport basically the same sensor).


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It better not sport the same sensor. After all this time and to have the 70d come out before the 7d's replacement it would be a joke if the 7d2 didn't have a new sensor. I'll be pissedoff.

be prepared to be pissedoff then.

it will support a much more advanced AF (possibly even 1 series), better buiild / weathersealing, 5d/7d ergos, faster frame frate, better video support and probably dual card slots.

all that will rate around a 400-500 USD increase over the 70D price.

the feature set is pretty obvious if you look at the 6d/5d Mark III. just my opinion .. but unless it's going way up in price well over 2K ..i doubt we'll see anything too dramatic.

there's so little difference in between the APS-C cameras now anyways - in print and in reality you'll never see the difference. but there needs to be a higher performing APS-C camera that is "near professional" and that's the 7D series.

Big question for me is will it have vari-angle touchscreen. If not, I wouldnt consider it.  In general, extra weight and price over 70D don't seem to be worth it for me  as you describe your speculation, but lets weight for actual specs if the camera ever appears.

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