Fuji X vs M43 weight and size comparison

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Re: Fuji X vs M43 weight and size comparison

andyjayscott wrote:

I don't get m43 at all. I had a G3 for a few months and all that happened was I lost interest in photography.

Now I see the latest whizz bang Olympus body selling for more than a good Fuji with lens. It makes me laugh.

The format is next to last on the list with price at the bottom at least at the start. If you shop price you can limit options to know if now is the time to buy or to save and wait.

Next, I have an extensive and prior film background so coming to digital 15 yrs ago or so was just a digital computer version of film. Instead of a "wet" darkroom with chemicals it is a "Dry" darkroom with a computer to edit.

The reason a camera can be good, bad or just mediocre is a long list.

I feel after all these years using various digital cameras now I have a good feel by reading specifications, knowing how to read editor reviews by reading between the lines to see if the nit pick is really a potential problem I stay away from things. In short, I try not to waste my money and do a "buy it once" for what is here today and pretty much ignore "announced new camera hype"

Anyway, all cameras are good in the broad sense, they all do the same exact thing on a basic level. I have a checklist for what I would do before committing to a camera AND I am aware of any shortcomings or what a given camera does better with and what it may not do so great with so far as subject matter.

When truly in doubt I have no problem retuning a camera or lens or anything for that matter.

My list goes from ergonomics to accessories to lens selection or potential lens additions to cost.

When I switched from the Nikon DSLR to MFT's I made the best choice for me and made lens selections that I felt was the best way to spend my money.

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