To which camera do most move to from XZ-1?

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Ben O Connor
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Re: To which camera do most move to from XZ-1?

Aaron Sur wrote:

Hi Ben,

how's the Pen going?

I have done a terrible thing ,ordered a Fuji XE-1 twin lens kit.

It had a screw in cable release , now I have to find which cupboard that is in!


Hi Aaron,

Pen goes alright. But as i said, its not easy to have it as XZ-1 was. Trying something but then to stuck on single focal lenght makes me a bit "AAAArrggHHH "#¤%/&%¤ !!!!! " often

Maybe I should use it more to get used with it. Probably all i need is more lenses (I love to own a macro 60mm, a wide lens zoom between 9-17 mm with super sharpness, and a 75-300mm zoom would be nice...  and maybe 75 mm F 1,8 one day !) hence I should work more, and order more roses for my wife

Hope you enjoying your new cam & lenses, I personally find fuji cams not suitable for myself. First of all its name is "Fujifilm" and there is no film anymore

Also I clearly remember an article that; one of the major stock holders of Fujicam sold their shares in 2000´s. And the speech was unforgettable,

"Film is our main activity and it is over now, thus we are plannig to invest an immortal bussiness: COSMETICS."

but I do admire one camera that they did, XS-1. It has X-10/20 size sensor (which is bigger than XZ-1) and they put a super zoom lens on it. Something wish to see from olympus as well...



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