Canon 7D or 70D for birds in flight

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re: macros in a wind with the AF on 70d + 100/2.8L ??

R2D2 wrote:

One note: the AF with the 100L Macro (at 1:1) has been simply outstanding with the 70D. It can now out-focus me! (I normally use the manual "sway" technique). It's now my preferred method when shooting macros in the wind! No joking.

now that is very, very interesting - may I ask what targets specifically you did that the macros in a wind with AF on 70d + 100/2.8L outperform the swaying technique? Do you feel that it can perform well for IIFs (insects in flight, and I don't mean hoverflies or other hovering species - say, a tough case of an ever-direction-changing butterfly at a pretty close distance, approaching the 1:1 magnification)??


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