SUV Runs Over Biker, helmet cam to the rescue?

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stevo23 wrote:

bruxi wrote:

It seems to me that they deliberately provoked, surrounded, stopped, then threatened the driver and he really only had one option to escape. Then they made the decision to pursue him as he

I can see only one possible way the driver could have helped diffuse this and that was to slow way down when he saw the rider trying to stop him - before the rider got in front of him. Illegal as it may have been. But I don't know that he totally understood what the biker wanted him to do. And I think the biker took it as defiance. For sure, the whole idea of "closing down the highway" is completely ridiculous.

Agree.  It was very calculating and threatening.  We can't see what happened in and around the truck before he took off (as the go pro rider was well ahead), but I bet it was something along the lines of "get out of the car right now", if not actually trying to get into the vehicle.  The same thing happened with a bike courier in Toronto last year and he ended up dead and no charges against the driver.

attempted to escape and damage his vehicle (or try to kill him) vs. get his plate and let the police address it. No sympathy to the bikers. This man feared for his life through the entire video.

I saw a police or DA or someone say something to the effect, "of course we always recommend trying to get out of those situations without hurting people if possible." I have yet to see anyone on the law enforcement side cast blame to the SUV driver.

People need to be very careful about how quickly a situation can turn.  The bikers probably never realized how quickly they had put themselves in danger by their actions, and how threatened the SUV driver was.  It's a unique situation.

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