Would you buy X-Trans or Bayer

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Re: Would you buy X-Trans or Bayer

Red5TX wrote:

Wheatfield wrote:

The OP forgot one option, that being "couldn't give a damn". The type of sensor array isn't on my list of what I look for in a camera at all.

Wheatfield will just take whichever version Fuji happens to ship him.

(Please take this for the lighthearted ribbing it's intended to be.)

Why not, they all take pictures, and the type of sensor is far less important than the lens quality or the camera's ergonomics.

For those of us who take pictures of things other than test charts and who don't invent "tests" that are designed to make the camera fail so they can whine about it on internet forums, there isn't much to say between one 16mp camera and another. My Pentax K5 takes excellent pictures, My Fuji X-Pro1 takes equally excellent pictures.

Why should I care about the technology under the hood as long as it works?

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