Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

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Re: Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

parallaxproblem wrote:

captura wrote:

The 5R/T are not fully developed cameras. That they didn't take the opportunity to compete the job with the 5T speaks to something... maybe abandonment.

Yes, the more I think about this comment the more correct it seems. I guess that is why I don't like my 5R in the same way as I like the original 5, even though the specs are clearly superior. The Original NEX 5 was a coherent and nicely put-together camera at a very good price - a very good entrance for the NEX range IMHO. The 5R/T isn't a bad camera, but it's a bit of a 'dogs-dinner' in some respects and has a surprising number of 'rough edges' for a 3rd generation product

The best example of this is the 'useless' top dial on the 5R/T... every review comments on how little purpose this dial serves with the current firmware implementation and many people have suggested assigning the rear control dial to direct EV compensation. Why didn't this simple change get added to the 5T?

You might well be right about the 'abandonment' aspect...

Worst case scenario: they may all be E and A- ILC's in a year or two. And that would be a mistake.

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