To which camera do most move to from XZ-1?

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Re: To which camera do most move to from XZ-1?


just a couple of points about the two images,

The first one the aperture is at 2.5 which means your depth of field is limited , sometimes raising the ISO a lilltle bit will balance the exposure a bit more. This is a hard shot because of the shadows and the XZ-1 exhibits a lot of shadow noise. Remember sometimes you can use a small amount of fill flash as well , the XZ-1 gives you various power settings as well as flash compensation.

The second shot has too low a shutter speed so you have the motion blur of the musicians, two ways to attack this flash or higher ISO around 1/60th sec to stop the blur  I would not want to raise the ISO too much though. The other method is to have an artistic blur of the musicians movements, switch on the ND filter and tripod mount the camera to give a slow shutter exposure


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