Problems and logistics for photographing old photos, advice please

Started Oct 5, 2013 | Questions thread
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Problems and logistics for photographing old photos, advice please

I am about to start two archival projects - old photos (in books) and documents. I have been experimenting but I need some help with logistics. It is mostly macro and super macro work. I want my final results to be in camera as much as possible.
Cameras - Fuji X20 (1 cm macro) and Canon 330 Elph (2 cm macro).

Things I need help with,

1) lighting - I can't stand the photos upright (old books), flat seems to be the only way. But then I am blocking out all the light forcing the camera to compensate. It's often on the fly and ideal lighting is difficult. Flash has limited use because it's reflected. I think that surround side lighting would be good but don't know how to achieve that. Any suggestions re side lighting or any other type of very portable or improvised lighting would be helpful.

2) Further to this, I also get shadows of myself and the camera in view and having a hard time eliminating that.

3) Camera setting suggestions? I'm not super "up" on how to manage camera settings for this work so any setting suggestions would be great!

4) I don't know whether to always shoot RAW or go with jpg. I would like to avoid a lot of post production. Things will be "shared", however quality of important (though my jpgs are really good). The Fuji X20 has an option for raw and jpg, so that's an option.

5) Aspect ratio 4:3, 3:2 ? I don't want wide angle distortion. I think 3:2 to simulate 35mm film but not sure.

Please advise and thanks in advance!

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