To which camera do most move to from XZ-1?

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Re: To which camera do most move to from XZ-1?

XZ.1 and I shared special moments together... we visited Canary island Sweden and Turkey. She has a place in my bag (any bag! pack pack, computer bag.... even on my money purse not really !) And more of the time it was hanging on my neck/shoulder.

I also tried; Macro, Long Shutter photography, FIlters, And it keep going with me to underwater...

But It was getting old, and I want to keep it longer hence I pulled the trigger on a Micro4/3. E-PM1 and a sigma 30mm F 2.8 lens reasons were.

Lenses are affordable,

Camera bodies are varieting so much, gives enought room to choice.

For the second reason camera bodies are also affordable

There are 2 companies makes camera bodies, even another brand made a pro video cam.

There are 4 companies producing lenses for that mouth

As a E-PM1 user now I enjoy better DOF, sharper details, and flexibility on focal point. And in future I will enjoy more with new lenses....

But considering that, It did not take as much photos with E-PM1 as it was with XZ-1, it does not come everywhere with me even its one of the smallest combination ! And I should more think on a shoot. Its no more just point shot and get out ! It takes time (maybe it will getting better, by time !)

You can also visit my flickr photostream and seen some differance between XZ-1 over PM1...

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