How many shots do you take to get a shot?

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Guy Parsons
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How many shots do you take to get a shot?

Out the other day with zillions of tourists in Sydney and saw everything from smartphones, iPads, compacts, M4/3 and mirrorless others, consumer DSLRs and some humungous DSLRs being used to record things happening around Sydney Harbour.

I couldn't help noticing that the humungous DSLR users often seemed to take a burst of 4 or 5 shots for every single scene that they took. So the question, what do you do?

I fall into the "usually one shot but sometimes take a couple or more if important or possibly shaky" group. Habit follows from film days where every shutter press cost something.

Thanks and regards.... Guy

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I take one shot per scene.
6.6% 18  votes
I usually take one shot but if important image or worried about shake may take two or three (or more) of some selected scenes.
58.8% 160  votes
I always take multiple single shots of everything.
27.6% 75  votes
I use burst mode and take a bunch every time.
4.8% 13  votes
I don't own a camera.
2.2% 6  votes
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