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Re: I only see 3 so far

LTZ470 wrote:

sean lancaster wrote:

Donny out of Element here wrote:

LTZ470 wrote:

EarthQuake wrote

An 85 has been shown/rumored as well, probably an 85/1.8 though it hasn't been confirmed that this is a FF lens (it would be really surprising if it isnt).

From rumors, it seems like there will be 4-5 FF e-mount lenses.




zoom of some sort, 28-70/4? or 24-70/2.8 or 4?

and a tele, 70-400? though this seems a bit nuts

Just as I thought the UWA Lens are not going to work well at alll on the Nex FF...35mm is the widest they are going as this is the widest they can achieve without corner issues on the FF same as RX1...

So not even a 28mm or a 24mm for Nex FF, and that is sad, but that's reality, it can't be done...or if it can it's not cost effective...

Dude, there already are 2 zooms ready for announcement in less than 2 weeks that have 28mm and 24mm! at their wide end, the last one is actually Zeiss. I'm sure more primes will follow including UWA.

I hope you are correct...a FF Nex with a WA or UWA would be killer for Landscapes...NO interest at all in Sony Zooms...two words: they suk...18-200, 55-210, 18-55 own or have owned all three...

Yeah, and the widest is a Zeiss 24 - 70. There is no way Zeiss and Sony release a lens that is going to have corner issues that LTZ470 describes. But he's speaking from ignorance so I suppose he can make any claim he wants.

Like the 10-18 issues on the Nex-7? I didn't realize no one else knew about the 10-18 on the Nex-7? And the 16mm f/2.8 corners?

The Zeiss 24 - 70 is an SR5 rumor, so that's as strong as rumors go from SonyAlphaRumors . . . I guess we'll know whether LTZ470 is making stuff up, as we suspect, or not in the next few weeks as these things emerge from beyond the rumor mill.

Nope, I am speculating that there will be no wide primes for the Nex FF due to lens limitations, Why did Sony get away from the 16mm?, and start making a 20mm Prime?...corners were terrible on the 16mm, 10-18 fixed the corners, but the Magenta Cast on the right hand side of the 10-18 on Nex-7 is a an issue...the 10-18 is still nice on the Nex-7 but not stellar, and a UWA Prime could be, but there's the limitations of design...

Got photos to back up everything I mentioned here, so if you still want to call that ignorance, that's your choice...but that's also ignorance to facts not ignorance to rumors or hearsay,

when you point your finger at someone else there are three pointing back at YOU...

But these same wide angle problems are not visible on my 5N. And we know that one of the FF NEX cameras will be 24 megapixels. That should have no problem with wide angle. The 36 megapixel model should be more similar in cropability to the NEX 7, so perhaps we'll see about the vignetting. But Sony is also designing things a little differently and they've had a few years to work on this new design. Like I said, we'll know soon enough. But this is their one chance to wow the world with these new FF mirrorless cameras, so I'll be surprised if the expensive 24 - 70 Zeiss lens fails on release. Keep in mind the 10 - 18 came out years later. Even the 16 pancake didn't fail so much because of vignetting on the NEX 7 as much as the lens was just crummy. ;~) The 18-55 kit lens seems to do just fine on the NEX 7 doesn't it? So the 24 - 70 on the larger FF NEX should be fine as well. Wider than 24 and we'll have to wait and see. I have no desire for anything wider than 24 other than my Rokinon fisheye 8/2.8 on my NEX 5N (and I prefer it over any fisheye I'd get for my Canon 6D).

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