Sony mirrorless FullFrame!?!?

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Re: If I wanted a large camera I would have gone FF already (nt)

tt321 wrote:

You went to great lengths to cherry-pick heavy and large and uncommon examples of M43 to compare with FF standard issue lenses. Fine.

No, that is a dishonest accusation. I did not cherry pick anything these are the only M43 lenses that have true comparable FF counter parts. Even 20 F1.7 vs 40 F2.8 are getting a bit far from being comparable. your so called more common lenses such as 25 F2.4 or 45 F1.8 have no FF counter part.

I could do the same with Sony APSC vs. FF Canon when you asked me to (see below), and I am surprised I did not have to cherry-pick so much. Just used your examples and voila.

I still have no idea what you are on about. My point is, and has been repeated several times now, larger sensor does not mean larger lens. What exactly did you prove with sony example? that I am right?

Just in case you missed it, the thread is about Sony FF mirrorless. M43 lenses being similar in size to FF SLR lenses in some cases has nothing to do with this.


The post you responded to said this:

ultimitsu wrote:

Manip16 wrote:

I'm certain Sony could make a NEX camera with an E-M5 sized body, the problem the NEX system has is that the lenses cannot be that small because of the APS-C sensor. So while your body might be no larger your system will be quite a bit larger.

Not at all.

For lenses of comparable aperture, FF lenses are smaller.

You said there is nothing preventing FF mirrorless from having similarly sized lenses to SLR FF, which is technically true, but in reality, a company that's not able or willing to make APSC lenses comparable in size to Canon SLR lenses is expected to suddenly change heart and grow expertise to now make their FF lenses comparable to Canon SLR lenses and thus smaller than their own equivalent APSC ones?

You premises is wrong to begin with, Sony APS-C lenses are not "disappointingly" bigger or smaller than canon's APS-C lenses. And you have not provided evidence to that effect.

Not have you explained why sony is interested in making lenses bigger than they need to be, is it a cost saving thing? or is it a brand image thing?

bottomline is, you failed to explain why Sony want to make lenses larger, or that they are indeed making lenses that are larger.

current NEX lenses do not suffer vignetting to the same degree as Leica lenses, but they do generally suffer from poor design. That however has got nothing to do with the point I was making.

Why should they not carry on the poor design into their FF venture, at least for a few more years?

They very well could, I am not a fan of sony product personally but this debate has got nothing to do with what Sony could do, it is abotu what is objecively possible, re-read Mainp16's post which I responded to which you then responded to.

I'm all for great advancements in FF mirrorless and the eradication of SLR dinosaurs this could bring,

Why do you care if SLR is eradicated? LOL do their emotionally hurt you or something?

whether this Sony iteration will be strong enough to do that is very questionable.

regardless how good A7 is, FFDSLR is not going away, not for another 20 years. but that is not what A7 is set out to do anyway. What A7 will hurt a lot is Leica M.

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