How do i explain to someone its not about megapixels ?

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Re: But it *is* about megapixels!!

dholl wrote:

D700 is a 5-year old sensor. And I already agreed that the D600's 5% high-ISO improvement over the D800 isn't significant.

And so a whole load of your argument disappears through the window.

Jesus wept, bob.

I wrote that 3 pages ago. Keep up

Yup, then you came back and said: - More (and smaller) megapixels can mean poorer high-ISO IQ (use DPR's comparison tool to check for yourself).

Just a few posts up, so having lost that argument, you decided to use it again, just in case no-one noticed.

I'm not on a 'megapixel race' crusade. There is no megapixel race.

Right on.

Really, there isn't. How come Canon managed to stick at 18MP for a couple of years without it adversely affecting their sales? Even now, with the 70D, they've made no attempt to surpass competitors which have been available more than a year. All the others use the same sensors, so they're hardly racing. The 'megapixel race' is a myth.

The 'easier/faster photoshopping' bit is a red herring anyway, a lot of photoshopping operations become easier with more pixels, sometimes even unnecessary.

Now you're just being silly.

Nope, it's absolutely true. My D800 files require much less work than my 5D files.

I vote that the girlfriend makes a DPR account and joins this thread before it hits the 150.

She'd probably get better advice that way.

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