Sony mirrorless FullFrame!?!?

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There will be corner issues.

sean lancaster wrote:

Donny out of Element here wrote:

LTZ470 wrote:

EarthQuake wrote

An 85 has been shown/rumored as well, probably an 85/1.8 though it hasn't been confirmed that this is a FF lens (it would be really surprising if it isnt).

From rumors, it seems like there will be 4-5 FF e-mount lenses.




zoom of some sort, 28-70/4? or 24-70/2.8 or 4?

and a tele, 70-400? though this seems a bit nuts

Just as I thought the UWA Lens are not going to work well at alll on the Nex FF...35mm is the widest they are going as this is the widest they can achieve without corner issues on the FF same as RX1...

So not even a 28mm or a 24mm for Nex FF, and that is sad, but that's reality, it can't be done...or if it can it's not cost effective...

Dude, there already are 2 zooms ready for announcement in less than 2 weeks that have 28mm and 24mm! at their wide end, the last one is actually Zeiss. I'm sure more primes will follow including UWA.

There is no way Zeiss and Sony release a lens that is going to have corner issues that LTZ470 describes.

The issues will not be due to the lenses, but rather the design of the NEX system.   Wide open those zooms will have problems at the short focal lengths.

I find it sad there are no traditional portrait lenses or longer.  These cameras will IMHO be niche products.   The real problem I see is the confusion Sony is causing.  They will be called Alpha cameras, but need adapters for Alpha lenses.  They will have NEX mounts but either won't work or won't work well with most NEX lenses.   Sony is trying to support too many systems, an like SLTs, may have to abandon some.

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