I posted all my pics between 1/80th and 1/200th from the E-P5 here (29 images = big post)

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Please tell us more!

Paul De Bra wrote:

Shutter shock is not just the camera but depends on the combination of camera+lens to get the right resonance of the vibration.

Dr. De Bra,

Your words here make it sound as though you are certain, without a doubt, that the shutter shock phenomenon is due to 'the right resonance of the vibration'. Have I interpreted what you've written here correctly?

I ask, because, you being a man of science, I'm sure you wouldn't make such claims of fact in a public forum without having compelling proof at hand. I would appreciate it, and I'm sure some others here would, as well, if you'd share with us the proofs you have that shutter shock is due to vibration.

I think it would be especially interesting to hear about your evidence since a number of others who've looked into the shutter shock phenomenon have come to very different conclusions. Since it seems you're convinced, I'm sure the evidence at your disposal is impeccable. I look forward to your sharing it with us - I'm sure we'll all be edified.

Thanks in advance!

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