SUV Runs Over Biker, helmet cam to the rescue?

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Re: This would not have happened in a right to carry state

stevo23 wrote:

I see what you're saying, but when I think of myself in that situation, I'm not going to start firing my weapon unless I absolutely have to. 9-12 rounds, or double that if I have an extra magazine, isn't a match for a mob who may also be armed. It's perhaps something worth contemplating in case it happens though, eh?

Well, in states that allow high capacity magazines, one can have more than that in a pistol. For example, I have 17 round magazines for my .40 caliber Beretta PX4, and 19 round magazines for my 9mm Glock 17. They both stick out only a fraction of an inch from the handgun's grip.

And you forget to factor in the fact that this mob is made up of spineless cowards. They are happy to torment this family due to their numbers. A mob mentality sets in. But they are not going to continue to come after this man and his family, if they see their companions dying right in front of them.

The actions of these bikers clearly warranted the use of lethal force in my opinion. Any reasonable person would have felt that their life was in danger from such a hostile and aggressive mob.

And don't forget that they were also terrorizing an innocent woman and a young child too. Again, only cowardly and morally depraved men prey on women and children.


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