How do i explain to someone its not about megapixels ?

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The inventor of the CMOS sensor, so far as I'm aware, doesn't post on these forums. Eric invented the active pixel sensor.

Eric R. Fossum is best known for the invention of the CMOS image sensor “camera-on-a-chip” used in billions of cameras

Although..."billions" of cameras? Have they really made that many?

'CMOS Image sensor "camera on a chip"', not 'CMOS Image sensor'.

Eric's contribution (and it was a big one) was the idea of building a one stage CCD and charge amplifier in each pixel, as detailed in his 1995 Patent, while he was at Caltech

As Prior art, Eric's patent cites this one form Toshiba for a CMOS sensor, with a priority date in 1990. CMOS sensors were originally developed from DRAM chips, and people were experimenting taking the lids of CMOS DRAMs in the 1980's. I tried it myself. Results weren't good, but it was a CMOS imager.

Right. So Eric invented the CMOS Image Sensor, but he didn't invent the CMOS Image Sensor?


From Wikipedia:

Eric R. Fossum (born 1957) is an American physicist and engineer, inventor of the CMOS image sensor.

(note the full-stop at the end there.)

Have it as you like. Eric's first publication on CMOS Image sensors (according to the publication list on his site) was:

S.Mendis, S.E. Kemeny and E.R. Fossum, CMOS active pixel image sensor, IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, vol. 41(3), pp. 452-453 (1994).

In that paper he cites

O. Yadid-Pecht, R. Ginosar and Y Shacham Diamand, "A random access photodiode array for intelligent image capture", IEEE Trans Electron Deviceces, vol 37, pp. 964-971, 1990. This is a CMOS image sensor (that is, an image sensor made using a CMOS process).

I can find two earlier (maybe Eric forgot them)

S. K. Mendis, S. E. Kemeny, and E. R. Fossum, “A MOS active pixel sensor for highly integrated imaging systems,” in IEDM Tech. Dig., 1993, pp. 583–586.

E. R. Fossum, “Active pixel sensors: Are CCD’s dinosaurs?,” in Proc. SPIE, Charge-Coupled Devices and Solid-State Optical Sensors III, Feb. 1993, vol. 1900, pp. 2–14.

Searching further in the literature reveals:

Renshaw, D., et al. "ASIC vision." Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, 1990., Proceedings of the IEEE 1990. IEEE, 1990. This paper describes a CMOS Image sensor, three years before Eric published.

Calling it "active sensor, camera-on-a-chip" instead of "CMOS Image Sensor" just sounds like dancing around semantics.

Dancing around semantics is spot on, your desperate attempt to prove you're right by making hopeful interpretations of secondary sources. You're doing that because you're desperately trying to convince people that you know more about it than me. You don't.

We've shared our opinions, yours is technical, mine seems more based in the real world. The OP can take from our little debate what he needs for his argument.

My opinion is certainly based on the real world. I also presented real world evidence (unlike you) which you conveniently found an excuse to ignore. So, what we have in actuality is my opinion based on theory and the real world evidence versus yours, based on nothing except your own preconceptions.

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